Monday, November 10

{A Mark Maker from a Casting} by DeeDee Catron

Hi hi folks :) DeeDee here today to share with you on MOLD RUBBER MONDAY. Most of the time I concentrate on altering the mold or the casted piece, or finishing the casted piece... but today I'd like to take time to concentrate on using Amazing Mold Rubber.

I recently found this old keyhole hardware piece and knew it would make a great mold. it has lots of brush detail from the paint on the surface, and I wanted to keep that texture present. That's where Amazing Mold Rubber comes in! So first, watch my video all about mold making for a piece with cut throughs and ... handles? Handles works!

Enjoy this video on how I created this Amazing KeyHole Mold...

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Now after my mold was done I did cast a few pieces in Amazing Casting Resin and they were great, but after they were sitting around on my desk for a while, I had an EPIPHANY. 

I've recently been taking a class by Donna Downey and a local friend has been teaching me all about mark making. So for a week or two I've been looking all around for cool pieces to dip in paint and make marks with. 

I pulled out a page to work on and it fell against one of my cast pieces... then I SAW THE LIGHT!! So where as I normally show you a way to alter the resin or use the resin as an embellishment... check this out:

It's so stinkin' cool!! I've kind of come to figure out my own Mark Making style, and it IS similar to stamping, but it's usually more rigid and less specific? I seriously adore it, and am SO EXCITED to add something SO unique to my mark making tool box!

Here's a better overall shot of my mark maker in use. You can even see it WAS finished to be used on a tag, card, or scrapbook page as an embellishment. OH WELL!! 

I'll definitely be looking at things to mold in an all new light. And I think I was already searching for molded items every time I entered a new place. I'll also be digging out some of my old molds to see what I can cast and use for unique mark makers. Better yet.. off to do that now!!!!

What sort of Mark Makers might you create?
Do you already have some unique ones waiting to be discovered?

Feel free to visit me on my own blog and stay up to date on things I'm up to :) 
Thanks so much for visiting me today! -DeeDee

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this as an embellishment AND as a mark!! You inspire me, DeeDee! Love it.


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