Saturday, November 29

AMAZING Choco Coins by DeeDee Catron


DeeDee here today to share with you a super fun use for the brand new Amazing Remelt. Tooooooooo be totally honest I wasn't that intrigued by the product at first, but after the team started using it, experimenting and posting cool bits n pieces, my interest was peaked!

With Christmas right around the corner and a 4 year old always on my heels, I've been trying to think of fun exciting ways to spice up the every day Advent Calendar. Every kiddo loves chocolate, and this mommom loves collecting weird old useless coins, so why not fill some of our days with edible delicious coins from all over the world? 

Start by gathering and prepping supplies!


Boil the coins to cleanse them of all dirts, oils and 
contaminants that may be on them from their years of travel. 

Dry thoroughly using a paper towel or cotton towel.

Secure the now clean coins inside a container with depth and no holes.
Keep in mind this will be the shape of your mold. I found a nice shallow
butter lid that not only keeps my mold shallow, but provided lots of space
for all the different coins I thought would be fun for Gabe to see.

Get out your Amazing Remelt.
Tip : Because Amazing Remelt can be used over and over AND used for 
food and non food, mark the containers for specific uses to avoid contamination.

Remove Amazing Remelt from the package and 
divide into manageable and appropriate sizes for your mold.

Obtain microwave safe dish and heat Amazing Remelt until warm and liquid.

Pour over pieces! 

Allow the Amazing Remelt to cure and then demold all your pieces.

Follow instructions for melting chocolate and then fill mold. I used
a paint brush to apply the chocolate in a thin layer hoping to pick up all the details.
Then I spread the chocolate across deeper, filling in all the coins.

 (click photos enlarge!)

Let cool and here you have it! A ton of different little 
chocolate coins ready to fill drawers in our Advent Calendar :)
Tip : Place your mold in the fridge to help the chocolate solidify.

Look at how well the Amazing Remelt picked up the embossing of each coin. So much detail, it will be so fun to share with Gabe all the different coins from all over, and then to eat them! And just think, if I had waited a little too long to mold or my Amazing Remelt hadn't been warm enough, I could have just put it back in the microwave and started over!

Thanks for joining me today -DeeDee

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  1. This is wonderful! I just received some AmazingRemelt and I cant wait to try it out on some of my clay sculpts. I need to purchase more for my cake toppers too. Love the candy coins. Thanks.


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