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Moldmaking Like a PRO... DIY iPhone and GoPro Cases Part 2 by Lonnie Sexton

This project has two parts for the same purpose. I needed standard camera stand mount cases for my iPhone and GoPro cameras. Not that I don’t like the stock GoPro case, but I just needed a simple easy access case to use in the shop that connects to a 1/4-20 Stand. Below are the steps to create a custom case using Amazing Crafting Products.

This is part two of a two part post – iPhone is featured in part one.
Please CLICK HERE to jump over to view part one.

  1. Create Primary Object – Custom iPhone & GoPro camera mount cases
  2. Mold the Primary
  3. Demold
  4. Casting 
  5. Final

I used Cell Foam to create the prototype version. Parts of this project can also be found in part one. It’s easy to cut, shape and glue. Cell foam is porous and flimsy, but works for quick parts. However, there is a downfall. Unless you go through a coat and sanding process, the finished product will be rough on the edges where the cell foam is porous. 

Outline the iPhone and GoPro on the cell foam sheets x2.

Using foam safe glue, assemble the parts for a custom fit.

Rubber Mold

Prepare the part for a 2-part mold using modeling clay. 

Using hot glue and poster board, create a mold box around the part.

Mix and pour the Amazing Mold Rubber per instructions {CLICK HERE
to view mixing/preparation}. Cover the part completely and let cure.

Demold and Mold Part 2

Once the Amazing Mold Rubber is cured, remove the clay.


Assemble the mold box around the rubber mold apply mold release per instructions.

Prepare another batch of Amazing Mold Rubber to pour the
second half of the mold and let cure. This will create an insert.

Remove the 2 part rubber mold. Separate the insert and primary from the mold.

Carefully slice the first rubber mold in half creating 3 parts. 

Using 2 sides from the mold box, secure the 2 parts together
with rubber bands. The mold is now ready for casting.


Mix Amazing Casting Resin per instructions {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Add Alumilite Dye {if desired} during the mixing process to Part "A" of the resin per instructions.

Pour resin into mold and place the rubber insert {some resin may seep out of cracks - this is to be expected}. Let the casting cure.


Remove the rubber insert mold and case.

Drill and Tap a 1/4-20 thread in the bottom of the casting.

Attach to a camera stand. 

How would you alter or customize
your electronic creations?

Thanks for joining in. Come back soon for more projects
by the Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team.


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