Wednesday, July 8

#Cre8time Brings Back the 80's... AMAZING Inspiration from Aimée Wheaton

I won't even show you how awful my hair was in the 80's ... but I will say if it was brightly colored, jelly-like in substance and had holes in it – I was wearing it, the more paint splatter the better and the hipper you were! I ROCKED the 80's and was made fun of for it by the yuppy kids. Oh well!

Why the 80's? Well I'm headed to Chicago for my makeup biz in August and the first night is 80's night! Still putting together my outfit but I knew I had just the accessories to wear from a previous project that I knew I could turn more 80's like with a little bit of paint and ink!

Here was the clean slate to start with.

I just used acrylic craft paint in bright colors.

A better quality turquoise here.

I painted the background pink with a brush then used a bamboo skewer to dab on the blue paint. I forgot a photo of the black (liquid) acrylic ink that I put on with the skewer as well.

While the paint was still wet I sprinkled on some silver glitter and here ya go! Looks super 80's to me and the best part is they are very light to wear because I used Amazing Casting Resin!!

Now wish me luck in putting together the right outfit!

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