Monday, July 13

#Cre8time Bathroom Renovations... DIY Faucet Decor by Brenda Burfeind

Good day friends and welcome to amother Amazing Mold Rubber Monday. I'm pretty excited to share this project I made with this AMAZING product so let's get started!

My faucet in the bathroom has this plastic insert. I really wasn't sure what it was for or why it's like this, but it sometimes pops out. It even went missing once for awhile. (I'm thinking the grandbabies played with it). Anyway, it's kinda annoying so I wanted to glue it down. When I suggested that to hubby he stopped me immediately...  "It's the cap to HIDE the screw in case you wanted to take your faucet off". Ha, who knew? Well, instead of taking it off, I decided to "decorate" it. 

So I started with popping it out and hot gluing
it into the bottom of a condiment container. 

See the hot glue? Works marvelous.

Amazing Mold Rubber takes a bit longer to set up -vs- Amazing Mold Putty, but for this project it was the better of the choice – as I wanted to capture the shape and detail perfectly.

I mixed up the 2 part Amazing Mold Rubber mixture and poured my mold. You can go HERE and check out a YouTube video showing exactly how to prepare your mixture. My mold set up in about 8 hours. Depending on the temperature and humidity, the curing time can be anywhere from an hour to 24 hours. I usually let my mold set up overnight to make sure it cured completely.

I then used my Amazing Casting Resin mixed with some Alumilite Blue Dye to create my base. You can check out a YouTube video HERE with mixing instructions.

Here you can see the blue duplicate piece -vs- the original piece. You can get a nice clean mold using Amazing Mold Rubber... especially for those ridges to hold the cap into place on the faucet.

My bathroom is blue and has a ocean theme to it, so what better way to embellish this piece? Shells of course. I glued them to the cap with my favorite glue, E6000®. Now to pop the new cap in place.

I love how this turned out!

I'm thinking I will make a few different caps for the seasons also. I do decorate my bathroom for some seasons {ie: christmas, halloween, etc.} and it would be fun to change it to match. I hope you will follow me over at Creativity is a State of Mind and keep a lookout for my next seasonal Faucet Cap!

Did you like my tutorial?
Is this something you would do?

Thanks for stopping by and hope you will leave me a comment telling me what you would embellish your faucet cap with if at all. Until next time ~ Brenda

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