Thursday, July 16

Having Amazing #Cre8time Travels... Custom #Watercolor Palette by Sandra Strait

Hello! Sandra here to share how I made a custom watercolor palette for myself – using items I had on hand and Amazing Casting Resin.

  • Amazing Casting Resin
  • Qor Watercolor sampler tin (approx. 8.5 in x 6 in)
  • 14 full-size watercolor pans
  • 8 half-size watercolor pans
  • Sharpie marker
  • Two-sided Miracle tape

Unlike Acrylics and Oil paints, watercolor can be squeezed into palette wells and allowed to dry out. You can keep them indefinitely this way and it makes them fantastic for carrying around when you paint Plein Air (on site). 

Truly, the palette itself is probably one of the least important items in your painting kit. You need something with wells (indentations) to hold the seperate colors, an area to mix colors, and a leakproof lid, if you're going to be traveling.

For a long time, I've wanted a wheel palette, one with wells in a circle that allows you to lay your paints out in ways that help you match certain colors easily. But I have a 1000 palettes of different kinds and the wheel ones cost more than I felt I should spend. But...

Last year, I scored some Qor watercolor tins, that when opened had one side for mixing and side for holding watercolor tubes. I also had several empty watercolor pans. Perfect for turning into my own custom watercolor wheel palette!

Often when you buy a watercolor set, the paint comes in pans, little wells that can be removed so you can change the colors in your set. I had lots of empty ones that I kept for just such an occasion as this. In this case, I wanted a palette where the pans would NOT be removable.

With a Sharpie marker, I drew lines in my tin to help show where each pan would go, and then used two-sided tape to hold them down.

I mixed up a batch of Amazing Casting Resin and poured it into the tin, taking care not to get any inside the wells. It took two batches to get the resin to the depth that I wanted. Deep enough to hold the pans securely, but not to overflow the pans.

Easy peasy! The cured Amazing Casting Resin is white, which is good, because you want to see the true color of the paints. Clean up is easy. A wet cloth or paper towel picks the paint right up without stain (though I may get staining with some colors eventually... that always happens). I've got exactly the number of wells I want in a tin that shuts securely for traveling – I'm a happy painter!

How would you customize
your Cre8time tools using

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