Monday, July 20

#Cre8time Wearable Treats! Yummi Gummi Bear Bracelet Tutorial by Tanya Ruffin

Hello everyone! Everyone loves candy. Bright colorful candy! Candy that is the color of... the 80's (well, that is what I think of). It reminds us of a simpler time, our childhood, barefoot summers. It makes us feel young, but as adults we can't give into those temptations... until NOW!

We can now surround ourselves with big bright colorful candy pieces without giving into temptation. You may be tempted, but it wouldn't taste as sweet!

Enter, the gummi bear resin bracelet!

I started out with a bag of Gummi Bears.

Using a glue gun, I glued 7 bears into an old TV dinner tray (microwave dinner? Whatever they call those) and some other items that will be used in a future project. I used Amazing Mold Rubber because the bears are so soft and, well... gummi. If I tried to use Amazing Mold Putty, the soft bears would have been distorted when I pressed them into the mold putty. 

I find it easier to mix the whole container of Amazing Mold Rubber at once and make several molds at one time {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. 

**TIP** When I use the old dinner tray I only mold small or thin objects – because the larger size of the tray mold can make it difficult to pop out detailed objects with undercuts. 

The white area marks where the gummi bears where.

I wanted to match the color to the bright green gummi bear so I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin mixed with some Alumilite Fluorescent "FLO" Green resin dye. 

I'm ready to assemble. I have a chain for the bracelet and the 5 resin gummi bears. I didn't have any bails handy so I made some using round nose pliers and some eye pins.

Side note: I tried to accent the bear with some Ebony Rub 'n Buff®. I didn't like the results for this project, but it sure showed off some hidden details in the bear!

Using round nose pliers, I curled up the eye pins and glue
to the back of the resin gummi bears with clear E6000®.

Attach with jump rings and you are done.

These look as yummi as a real gummi!

Until next time!

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