Wednesday, July 29

#Cre8time Transformations... Boho Chic Dream Catcher by Melissa Johnson

Hello everyone! Today I would like to share with you how I made this fabulously fun dreamcatcher for my teenage daughter's bedroom. 

To start out, I gathered my materials. You will need a metal hoop, some yarn, feathers, trims and lace--vintage or new (I just happen to love vintage so I went that route), vintage scarves or other silky material (I used a vintage sari, but you could use silk scarves, silk shirts from Goodwill – it all gets cut into strips), Amazing Mold PuttyAlumilite dyes, gold AlumidustAmazing Casting Resin, Golden GAC 900 Fabric Medium, and any other findings, flowers, or special pieces you would like to attach.

I started out by wrapping the wire hoop with a multicolored yarn. My daughter's room is kind of a boho style so I wanted to keep the colors bright and fun. 

Next, I tore the vintage sari into strips and began tying them around the bottom and top. Short pieces on top, longer ones on the bottom. 

The next step is to dye the lace and trims using the Alumilite dyes. I chose Violet, Red, and Blue to fit into my color scheme, but there are many other colors available! I put a few drops of dye on a paper plate, then I added Golden GAC 900 Fabric Medium. This is typically used to make acrylic paints useable on fabrics, but I wanted to try it out with the dye just to see what happened. I swirled the lace and trims around in the dye mixture, then put my heat gun on it to help it "set". I got a little impatient when I noticed that it was taking a long time to dry, so after heating them with my heat gun I rinsed out the pieces with warm water to make sure all of the extra dye came out, then put them all in the dryer for about 10 minutes. I like how they turned out, the color is still definitely there and it has a vintage look to it that I like.


While the trims were drying, I prepared a mold of a vintage crystal using the Amazing Mold Putty. I poured Amazing Casting Resin into the mold and allowed it to dry. It takes about 5 minutes here in Texas! 

I also mixed up some Alumidust (gold) -- has anyone noticed this stuff is on practically every project of mine? I love it!!--and dusted the feathers with it, just to add a little shimmer :) 

At this point, I popped the resin pieces from the mold and painted them with Golden acrylic paints in Cobalt Blue and Teal. When they dried I added a coat of gold glitter clear paint. Then I began to assemble the rest of the dreamcatcher. I added the dyed trims and lace, and several pieces of just random ribbon and fibers that I had in my stash. I just worked around the circle, tying all of the pieces in knots. I used hemp cord (colored) to tie on the feathers and add the resin pieces. I found the cute laser cut tree at Hobby Lobby in a package of 3. 



And here is the final finished product! 


Make something that makes you happy :) ~ Melissa Johnson
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