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Once in a BLUE MOON... Creating Special Holiday Ornaments by Maria Soto

Hi, there this is Maria Soto bringing you a How-to project, perfect for the Holidays. My daughter received a moon magnet from her best friend who lives in Chicago – she knows how much my daughter loves the "Moon". This is a really cute magnet so I thought this year I would make special ornaments for my kids. I decided to make her a "moon" ornament. I know she's going to love it.

Take the Amazing Mold Putty and combine equal amounts of parts "A" & "B". When mixed completely, I pressed in the magnet to create the mold of the moon. It usually takes about 10 minutes or less for the putty to set, however I noticed that it was a bit cold the day I made my mold – and it took about an additional 5 minutes to cure. So keep in mind that the weather conditions in your area can affect how fast/slow your mold putty sets.

I had extra space, so I took a tiny clip earring that I can't wear anymore,
and pressed it in to make a tiny mold that I might use later on.

Here is my mold, ready for the next step! 

Next step was combining the Amazing Casting Resin and the Alumilite Blue Dye. I took part "A" of the casting resin and added a few drops of the blue die, mixed it well and then added part "B" of the casting resin. I stirred to combine both until it feels warm, then poured into the mold. Wait until it cures – in about 10 - 15 minutes it's safe to remove from the mold. If the resin feels too soft, just leave it alone for a while longer.

Make sure to follow the directions on the box for proper mixing of Amazing Casting Resin – and remember it is best to add your dye to part "A" first before combining parts "A" and "B". 

Part "A" and Alumilite Blue Dye all mixed;
ready to combine with part "B" of the Amazing Casting Resin.

Once you remove your new cast piece, check to see if you need to trim any resin from the edges. I use small scissors or emery boards to remove any rough edges.

Once my moon was all ready for embellishing, it was just a matter of deciding what types of paints to use. I used some Viva Decor silver paint – rubbing on some areas only. I liked the blue color of the piece so I didn't want to completely cover it.

I removed the little star that was part of the original piece and decided to add a beaded bead; made from  some Beadalon silver wire and gold wired ribbon for hanger. I made a few fun wire loops just to add more embellishment to the ornament. I can't wait to give this to my daughter to hang this year. Now all I have to do is come up with two more ornaments for my sons.

Materials used:

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