Tuesday, November 19

With ONE Mold, Create Lots of Possibilities... AMAZING Inspiration by Brenda Lee Burfeind

Hi all, Brenda here again from Creativity is a State of Mind. With today's inspiration post, I'm going to show you how you can use 1 mold of a pendant to create a variety of finished jewelry.

Original mold made with Amazing Mold Putty and casting using Amazing Casting Resin to make multiple different looks. I love making my own jewelry and with just adding some baubles (rhinestones), paper, Alumilite Dyes, Alumilite Metallic Powders, etc. you can create so many different looks. 

The above pendants are not done yet, but I love the look of the marbled effect. 

Alumilite Black Dye, black and silver sparkle paper with flat back rhinestones.

Alumilite Brown Dye with a partial mold of an elephant head colored with Rub 'n Buff®

Alumilite Brown Dye (less dye than in above photo) also with a Fleur-de-lis I molded with the same Alumilite Brown Dye and different shaded pink stone chips. 

Amazing Casting Resin with purple and gray Rub 'n Buff® smeared here and there.

Use whatever you have and seal it with Amazing Clear Cast Resin,
giving you can have the most amazing looks.

When you leave a comment today, please tell me which necklace you like the best and if you are interested in how any one of these was made.

Until next month, have a fantastic day and be sure to check out what all the other designers have made. To see more of my creations – I would love it if you came over to my blog Creativity is a State of Mind. ~ Brenda


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  1. Brenda - you are becoming quite the jewelry aficionado! Each one of these sets is more beautiful and AMAZING than the next :)

    1. Thank you. I've always enjoyed making my own jewelry and with these products it's even more amazingly fun!

  2. nice. How do you get the hole to string the pendant?

    1. After I've molded the pendant and it's completely cured, I use my dremel to drill a hole through it. If you don't have one you could demold the pendant while is still flexable and use a piercing tool to bore a hole. Thank you for your question!


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