Wednesday, November 13

Make Some Cre8time for Fresh Squeezed Jewelry! AMAZING Inspiration by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

There's Work-Time, Family-Time, Play-Time and also Cre8time! Susan here with a fun project to inspire you to take a little CRE8TIME out of your busy day and make something fun! Amazing Crafting Products are always at the ready for any project. I have a busy workweek {as most of us do} so I plan wisely when making molds or pouring resin. I always make a lot of things when I'm doing this. I have been tinkering around with citrus molds {like this project using grapefruit} for several months and doing a lot of experimentation.

The result of today's project was from an experiment in coloring with Ranger Perfect Pearls and pouring techniques using Amazing Clear Cast Resin... and it happened to work out. So I had these beautiful cast resin lime slices that were screaming to be transformed into something fabulous. 


This past weekend I took a road trip up to visit my Sister and Mother for a couple days. Yes... I do pack a bag of creative stuff when I travel so when I have a little relaxing down time... I can use my Cre8time wisely. I made these while enjoying my morning coffee. Taking the resin slices along with some coated jewelry wire, a couple earring dangles and some pretty colored beads... I have a pair of fun earrings whipped up in no time {in about a 1/2 an hour to be exact since my beading and wiring skills are novice}.

As soon as I was done putting these together - my sister ran off with my fun earrings... a perfect compliment to her colorful print blouse.

What will you make using your Cre8time today?

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Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic evening!

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  1. Oh pretty! Almost makes me want to pierce my ears again!

  2. These came out so beautiful! Lovely work. :)


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