Tuesday, November 5

They're Watching!!! Owls... I See Owls Everywhere. AMAZING Inspiration from Maria Soto

Hi, this is Maria Soto bringing you an inspiration post. I love the colors of fall, I love owls too and well recently I joined a swap group for which we had to make owl charms, any type of materials were acceptable. I know I could have gone to the store and purchase some cute charms, but I thought it would be much nicer to make some using the Amazing Casting Resin along with some of the pretty Alumilite Metallic Powders and Alumilite Dyes.

This was my first swap, and well I really didn't know all charms had to be the same, so here I made all 20 charms different, guess I like to craft a lot. I had three different types of charms and all made from the same resin, some I added red dye into the resin and others I added copper metallic powder.

I have some extra charms that are ready to use and wear, it was fun adding wire, beads, bottle caps, fibers, etc. to each charm to make them all unique.

One of the owl molds I made using the two part Amazing Mold Putty (use as directed). 

An Amazing Casting Resin owl charm made using a bottle cap, Beadalon's Artistic wire mesh, colored wire and beads. 

Another Amazing Casting Resin Owl charm made using Beadalon's Artistic wire mesh and beads strung on colored wire. 

Resin Owls added to previously made polymer clay and metal charms. 

These resin owls were made into charms by using fibers, wire and beads.

I used a gold owl used as an embellishment on this
paper treat box I made for my office desk. 

I hope I have inspired you to get creative, to try Amazing Casting Resin to create items that you can transform into something unique just by adding different materials, different types of paints, one item can look so different just by what you chose to embellish with once it's made out of resin.

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  1. I just love all these charms. You're attention to all the little details gives each their own personality. I'm so lucky to have one of them, too!!!

  2. This was so fascinating! I love to hear about how you made them! I've never worked with resin but I'm so glad you do! Theya re wonderful!

  3. This was so fascinating! I loved hearing how you created these:) I have never worked with resin but I'm so glad you do! Love them!


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