Monday, November 25

Happy Thanksgivukkah!!! Make an Autumn Themed Menorah with Isabel Villarreal

I look forward to any occasion that allows me to break out the crafting supplies and whip up some hand made decor deliciousness. When my boyfriend informed me that this year Hanukkah would be falling on the same day as Thanksgiving I almost fainted. How often do I get a chance to combine 2's a dream come true! I immediately broke out the Amazing Mold Rubber and got to work on an Autumn inspired Menorah that would begin as a part of a centerpiece for our Thanksgiving meal table setting and then he would later light in observance of Hanukkah.

To start my project I went out and bought a simple inexpensive metal menorah. Simple works fine for this project since I would be covering a lot of the surface. I had a few random buttons and wood findings that I thought I might be able to use so I glued them onto a small plastic plate with a dot of hot glue to keep them from moving around as the Amazing Mold Rubber set. Amazing Mold Rubber is mixed 1 part catalyst to 10 parts base (10:1). CLICK HERE to view a video of how to mix Amazing Mold Rubber. For me it's usually easiest to mix a large batch and create as many molds as possible at once, so I prepared a few other objects to mold at the same time. After mixing I poured the Amazing Mold Rubber into each of my containers and left them all to set overnight. 

I woke early the next morning, but the molds were still not solid enough so went about my morning routine and left them for a bit longer. It took about 12 hours for the molds to set completely. When I turned the clear plastic plate over, I could see that Amazing Mold Rubber had cured perfectly.

I took a few minutes to trim away any excess rubber and the end result was a beautiful mold with amazing detail that I could use again and again in my crafting adventures.

I wanted my molded pieces to have earthy colors so my next step was to color my molds using Alumilite Metallic Powders. These powders are great – a small amount goes a very long way! Using various sized brushed I dusted my molds with Bronze, Pearlescent, Gunmetal, Copper and Gold and did a little blending for different variations of color. When I fished the coloring I mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin by combining equal parts of "A" and "B" and stirring until the mixture is clear.

Amazing Casting Resin sets in about 10 minutes. You can see here that as the Amazing Casting Resin sets it begins to turn a solid white color. The finished pieces will have the metallic color on the front and solid white on the back.

While my resin pieces were setting I cut some strips of satin fabric with a Green and Brown floral pattern. First I used some Chocolate Brown binding to go around the width of the Menorah. This would create a solid base of color and also provide a place for me to anchor the fabric strips once I started to wind them around the metal frame.

My molded Autumn pieces turned out beautifully! I arranged my cast resin pieces around the fabric wrapped metal frame and attached them to the fabric with some hot glue. The Menorah you see is only 8" tall, so each decorative piece is about an inch tall or less. Thank you, Amazing Mold Rubber for making it super easy to get incredible detail in even the smallest cast pieces. My boyfriend and I are looking forward to making this a gorgeous part of our Thanksgivukkah celebration.

What holiday creations will you make

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  1. What a beautiful piece! It would be easy to adapt this idea for any holiday or holiday combination...or just to create a beautiful ornamental piece!


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