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Welcoming Crafting FAILS... Turning a Mold Around by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Happy Saturday Amazing Crafters! Earlier in the week, this project was featured over at Viva Las Vegastamps! In case you missed it, I'm sharing here today in it's entirety. This project is sort of a moldmaking fail – and with a little work, I was able to fix and and create a new kitschy jewelry piece.

I love to stamp, but I am a total addict of molding and shaping things using Amazing Crafting Products. Using one stamp the "Unwelcome Mat Large #14973" – I have opened a wide world of dimension.

I have had this Unwelcome Mat stamp for quite some time and I have previously attempted to make a pendant using shrink plastic... but the image came out very dark after the shrinking process. So that was a fail. After my molding adventures creating last month's T!m Tags, a lightbulb went off and I thought, "what if I cast of mold of this stamp with the new Amazing Mold Rubber?"


I quickly and easily formed a mold box by wrapping and burnishing a couple layers scotch tape around the edge of the stamp to contain the liquid silicone poured on top. I prepared stamp by rubbing with vegetable oil to act as resist {I do this after adding the scotch tape border using a makeup sponge to dab it onto rubber stamp and edges}.


WOW!!! The detail of the Amazing Mold Rubber is so awesome and I couldn't wait to cast my new mold. I got out my Ranger Perfect Pearls, and with a dry brush applied the colors directly to the mold. I mixed up a small batch of Amazing Casting Resin, and poured into my mold. I was like a kid on Christmas morning and I couldn't wait to see the results...

A glorious and wonderfully colored FAIL!!!
The type is backwards... YIKES!!!

So what's a girl to do??? Thinking on my feet – my first try to fix was to remold the cast piece in Amazing Mold Putty. ANOTHER FAIL. Now I have two molds that have the type right reading. So I posed a query to my team of creatives... several have encountered this same problem. DeeDee posed this quick solution >> Reverse the mold using Amazing Mold Putty {or fill with the Amazing Mold Rubber}.

I wasn't going to rest until I resolved this issue... and I'm so glad I did since I learned a lot. I opted to go with a quick 1/2 hour fix with the mold putty. I mixed up a batch of Amazing Mold Putty and pressed into the silicone mold. Doing this makes the curing time take about twice as long, since the silicone cools the mold putty extending the curing process.

When fully cured I gently peeled the mold putty reverse from the silicone mold. It's not quite as detailed as the silicone Amazing Mold Rubber mold, but it's pretty good. I mixed another batch of mold putty to add a mold border to hold the resin. 

The Amazing Mold Putty sticks to itself
so you can build all sorts of shaped molds...
and make repairs and adjustments, too!


Now after a second curing of about 20 minutes... I'm back to coloring.
I again added various colors of Ranger Perfect Pearls applied with a dry paintbrush.


 I mixed up another small batch of Amazing Casting Resin 
and poured into this new mold.

Winner... Winner... Chicken Dinner!!!
I drilled two small holes to hold wire wrapped gold loops
and added lime green fun fur and satin ribbon to finish.

Welcoming a Kitschy Necklace...

Here's both versions side-by-side so that you can see the difference in detail between the two molding products. For extreme detail, the Amazing Mold Rubber wins hands down. I do plan on filling the mold with Amazing Mold Rubber to make a reverse mold to make it just as perfect as my first mold fail. I hope you are inspired to take your stamping to a new dimension! ~ Susan

What stamps would you mold
to create a fun piece of jewelry?

Please leave a comment below to share your ideas! If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here

Thanks for stopping by and have wonderful weekend!

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