Thursday, November 14

What's Pasta Have to Do with It? DIY Medallion or Christmas Ornaments by Tanya Ruffin

Using Amazing Mold Putty and fimo (sculpey) I created a custom Mardi Gras Medallion for a friend's Mardi Gras party. These would also be great for creating your own custom a Christmas ornament!


The mascot of the Baton Rouge Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade is a flamingo, so I sculpted a flamingo for the center of the design. I then cut out a long piece of flat clay and created a banner for the top. On your ornament you can press anything into the clay! You could use chipboard pieces, charms, or even draw something with puff paint (just let it dry over night).

Take out your alphabet pasta (thanks for the idea from a design team member!) and sort your letters. These are the perfect size. Press in your letters and yes they have numbers! You can use them as a stamp for an impression or leave them in the clay for a raised letter (which is what I did). If you have air dry clay – let dry. If it is oven bake clay, follow the directions on the clay and bake.

After the clay is baked: you may need to glue in some of the pasta pieces (if they pop out). Let that dry and then using Amazing Mold Putty make a mold of your ornament. Don't forget to add a loop to the top for your ribbon!

I love using the Amazing Casting Resin... I'm impatient and like immediate results... so the Amazing Casting Resin is perfect. 

This resin cures an opaque white so you can either add powder to the mold or paint the ornament later. If you choose to use the powders, you will need to brush this inside the mold before you pour the resin. If you choose dye, you will mix it into part "A" of the resin. Since Amazing Casting Resin only takes a small amount of time to cure (about 10 minutes), you can knock a lot out in a short amount of time!

As pink as my ornaments are, I only used the Pearl Ex powder! Enjoy!

What can you make with pasta

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  1. great tutorial, love the pasta idea -

  2. I'll never look at my pasta the same way again!


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