Tuesday, April 16

Birds on a Wire – Using Amazing Clear Cast to Make Resin Paper

Hello Crafters! Carole Lassak here today to share a project with you using Amazing Crafting Products. The birds in this piece are all rescue birds!! All of these birds were made from scraps that any normal crafter would have discarded. I rescued them from the trash bin and a life spent in a landfill. I struggle to throw away even the smallest scrap of paper.

The papers were handmade using Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Kit and following basic paper making directions. The birds and their wings were cut with the Sizzix Tim Holtz Caged Bird die.

Making resin paper is fun and easy, but definitely requires some advance work station preparation. Cover your entire work surface with plastic trash bags. Next, cover a cookie sheet with food storage bags. Strive for a flat, wrinkle-free surface. (NOTE: I used plastic film and it wasn't strong enough. Not a tragedy, but next time, I'll use the food storage bags.)

Assemble your supplies – Amazing Mold Putty's Amazing Clear Cast Resin, measuring and mixing containers, stir stick, sponge brush, rubber gloves. I worked on a teflon craft mat on top of the trash bags. Excess resin easily wipes off the teflon mat, or peels off when it sets. Everything else is disposed of when you're finished with the project. Just wrap it all up in the trash bag and toss.

Birds and wings aren't assembled yet. Mix equal parts of "A" and "B" Amazing Clear Cast Resin according to package directions. Using the sponge brush, coat first one side of the bird or wing, then the other with a generous layer of clear resin. Lay on the lined cookie sheet to dry – 12 to 24 hours.

The finished resin birds are strong, yet flexible, and have a glossy finish. And, the resin intensifies the color of the original paper. 

Brown bird with wing attached and eyelet set. 

Time to assemble the flock. I gently shaped the wings by curling them around a stylus so they created a three dimensional effect and stood out from the bird's body. I glued only the wide end of the wing to the bird, leaving the tip free. Next, I used my Crop-a-dile to pierce a hole in the bird's body and set an eyelet.

Completed resin paper birds.

The base for the hanging is bamboo skewer covered with a length of coiled brass wire. Last bit of assembly was to attach jump rings and jewelry chain to each bird and slip onto to the wired skewer. The ends of the brass covered skewer were capped with beads from my stash. The red bird on the right side was glued to the wired wrapped skewer. I used a length of fishing line for the hanger. I like the fishing line because it's invisible.

Finished Birds on a Wire. 

I love my rescued birds!! They will bring a hint of spring for many years to come. You can see more of my projects on the Create & Craft blog.  ~ Carole

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