Friday, April 26

Transforming Found Objects into Beautiful Handmade Embellishments with Guest Designer Monica Edwards

Hi everyone! Monica here with another Amazing Mold Putty creation. I am always looking around the house both inside and out for interesting things to mold. Well, this find was at the Flea Market. My daughter loves to wear gaudy weird jewelry pieces and awhile back I found a flower ring for a dollar. It was very pretty to me and as I looked at it I saw something I could mold into a piece for a project.

Press the piece you are molding into the Amazing Mold Putty –
press well so you get a nice impression.

Finished and cured mold.

To make the Amazing Casting Resin:

To create casted flowers: begin by mixing equal portions
of parts "A" and "B" of Amazing Casting Resin.

Stir gently to mix completely, then pour Amazing Casting Resin into the mold.

This photo shows when the Amazing Casting Resin "flashes"
and changes from clear to opaque.

Finished resin piece removed from mold.

Coloring Resin Piece

Step 1: After the piece is molded, I used Cranberry Ranger Alcohol Ink
to add color - they work beautifully.

Notice how well the ink really sinks into the resin.

Step 2: I take an ink pad and apply directly to resin piece – 
a color pigment ink pad works extremely well. 

If color is darker than desired, buff away excess ink with a cloth or paper towel.

Finished colored flowers.

I've added these handmade flowers to give a "pop" of color
and dimension to this Asian theme tag.

I hope everyone enjoyed my tag. You can see how easy it is to make your own embellishments from items you would never even think of using. Why don't you take a look around the house and let's see what you can come up with to mold into amazing embellishments for your craft projects.

I would love to see what interesting pieces you find
around your house... so start searching!!



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