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AMAZING Twisted Metal Art with Rachel Whetzel

Hello AMAZING fans!! Rachel Whetzel here!! I'm here today, to show you how I most recently used Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin to create a piece of art work. I'll also share a little bit about what happens when you have a plan, and it doesn't go the way you hoped. Here's a peek at what I made!

and the piece as a whole

To create your piece like this, you'll need the following:
Various pieces to mold! I used: A starfish, Frame Piece, and a Key.
Thrifted fabric
Craft Paint (I prefer Folk Art Acrylic)
Dictionary pages
Elmer's glue
Clear Gesso
Vintage spoon
Drift wood
Amazing Mold Putty
Amazing Casting Resin

First, you'll need to mold your pieces. For this piece, I had an idea... and I wanted to use some of the molds I had made before. I reused the molds from Frame Piece, and a Key. For a recap of how to mix-up a batch of Amazing Mold Putty {CLICK HERE}.

I also wanted to try and mold a starfish.

One of the things I had planned to do, was to use stamps on the Amazing Casting Resin during the stage when it has set, but is still pliable. I wanted to get the look of stamped metal on my keys. I thought I would try both metal and rubber stamps.


It turned out, neither worked for me... the soft resin "healed" and my metal stamps weren't strong enough to make an imprint once the resin was more firm. I didn't let that set back stop me though! While I was working with the soft, early set resin, I had an idea. I'll tell you about that in a bit. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Pour your molds, and watch them as the resin starts to set. Amazing Casting Resin starts out clear, and the turns while as it cures. Once your piece is completely white in the mold, you can pull it out.

At this stage, (the early set) you can bend the pieces. Which is what I decided to do with my keys once I realized I wouldn't be able to stamp them like I wanted. I got to thinking about how neat it would look for KEYS to be bent!! Thing is, what caused the stamps not to work, also makes it tricky to bend Amazing Casting Resin and have it STAY that way until it's fully cured. So I used tape.

Once the resin cured, there was no bending it back!! Here is a picture of the key I ended up using, on the piece. You can see the bend in the key!

I spray painted the Frame and Keys black for their base coats, but I wanted to take advantage of the white base for my starfish. I painted the starfish orange, and wiped off much of the paint from the ridges on the piece. However, Amazing Mold Putty captures details SO WELL, that my molded piece was a rough as the original, and taking paint off to the white base wasn't working as well as I wanted, so I used some white paint and my finger tip, and rubbed white over the top of the piece. Worked like a charm!

While my starfish was drying, I cut my background fabric, and glued Dictionary pages to it. Once the glue was dry, I used clear Gesso over the pages and fabric, and let it dry. Next, I dripped paint down the pages. When I dripped the paint, I needed a firm support for the piece and the fabric, so I used a clip board.

Once the paint was dry, I got to work assembling the pieces...

Here's another angle, so you can see how the bent key looks.

I'm so pleased with how this came out, and I LOVE it when I come up against things not working quite as planned... It's even better when those bumps turn into something really cool!!

Do you have some metal you would like to twist up?

If you create something inspired by my project, please leave a comment with a link here, so I can come and visit to see! I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! Thank you so much for reading!! ~ rachel

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  1. AMAZING project! In all senses of the term!

  2. this is amazing! I never thought about using tape to shape my resin. Thanks for the great tip

    1. I really loved the way it came out! Especially because actually bending a key would have been so much trickier!

  3. Rachel...this is a fabulous piece. I really love the starfish. It came out fantastic.

    1. Thank you, Theresa! I was pretty happy with how well it came out too!! Amazing Mold Putty captures details SO well!!


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