Friday, January 17

Back to AMAZING Basics with DeeDee Catron

Hellooooooo :) DeeDee here today to GO BACK TO BASICS with you.
We're just going to go through molding and casting in step-by-step format.

We'll mold and cast a vintage metal cabinet pull. Casting it in Amazing Casting Resin provides us with the unique ability to finish it anyway we want, AND creates a nice lightweight (but realistic looking!) pull for us to use on any project we want.

Let's get started!

black, stir stick, measuring cup, Rub 'n Buff® in gold, and piece to be molded!

Amazing Mold Putty is used by mixing equal parts of "A" and "B". Compare round balls of each to make sure you're using the same amount. Sometimes I use a measuring spoon if I can't seem to get it just right.

Thoroughly mix the two parts together, ensuring there are no swirls and the color is even. Work a bit fast, as you don't want the Amazing Mold Putty setting up before you've molded your piece.

Mold your mixed Amazing Mold Putty into a ball and get rid of any seams. 

Since the piece to be molded is flatter, flatten out the mixed Amazing Mold Putty.

Lay the knob onto the mixed Amazing Mold Putty
and wrap it around to mold the entire thing.

Like so! Allow to cure 5-10 minutes. When you can push your 
fingernail into it and there's no mark, it's ready!

Demold and reveal the awesomeness. 

Now we're ready to cast our replica! Start by getting a dob of 
Black Alumilite Dye on your stir stick.

Then pour Part "A" of Amazing Casting Resin into a measuring cup.

And an equal portion of Part "B" into the cup.

Using the stir stick with Alumilite Dye mix together the equal parts Amazing Casting resin. It will swirl, cloud up and then go clear when it's fully mixed.

Ready to pour! Sometimes when I'm working with a small area, and I know my heavy hand will overpour the mold, I use a dropper to place the Amazing Casting Resin exactly where I want it. 

And so that I don't waste any, I either fill a mold with leftover resin, or splatter it on my kraft mat, where it will cure and be ready as an embellishment.

Now the knob has been molded and cast. 

The two together.

Now just give the knob a little finish with some Rub 'n Buff®I chose gold to replicate the original. Put a little on your finger, and rub it on all the raised surfaces of the resin knob.

Original on the left, replica on the right. Now it's ready to use on any project!

I love recreating metal pieces in resin, because they're lightweight and make unique embellishments on things like cards and tags that won't weigh down an envelope when shipping. Supplies to finish this card include watercolor paper, Viva Las VegaStamps! rubber stamps, May Arts Ribbon, Cheesecloth, a paper clip, some ink and adhesive. Don't forget to use your brand new embellishment! And the three dots are some of the leftover resin drips that were on my kraft mat.

Also! I did finish the cast piece to replicate the old, but just as an example. It could also have easily been done in silver, bronze, pewter, old crackled paint. The options are endless!

Can you think of any heavy parts
that you might need to make lighter? 
Or some certain finished you might want to use?

Don't forget to stop by and see me on my own blog
and I thank you for visiting me here today. ~ DeeDee


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  1. What a lovely card DeeDee! The antique pull really makes a gorgeous embellishment. I especially adore the three resin drips giving a little pop to the stamped images and ink drips :)

  2. LOVE it!! Your stuff always makes me happy, DeeDee!


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