Wednesday, January 8

Using Cre8time and Old Supplies to Make Anew... AMAZING Inspiration by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here again with another inspiration post! It's also January 8th... so it's Cre8time! Today I plan to inspire you to take a little CRE8TIME and make something fun!

Being your typical crafter, I have a crazy array of art supplies. Some of my supplies I have been sorting through lately inspired me to make art lapel pins with the help of Amazing Mold Putty. I could start with a sculpture from scratch to mold, but I wanted to try using some of the great stamps and jewelry pieces I found.

Here I have a collection of stamps with mini prints
that would fit perfectly on a wearable piece of art.

Here is a collection found objects, clock parts
and jewelry pieces that are fitting for my pieces.

Using a mixed media style I was able to create the lapel pins. Starting with pieces of polymer clay I stamp, cut and form the base of my pins. I then add any odd little pieces that finish the look of the pins. After I bake the polymer clay I lightly ink the pieces to see if there are any issues and if I need to sand anything. Once they are to my liking I use Amazing Mold Putty to mold the pieces and then cast my pins in Amazing Casting Resin.

With the versatility of Amazing Casting Resin I can dye it, embed metallic powders, paint it or even use inks to finish the look. Every lapel pin I cast can look completely different depending on what I use.

With the addition of Alumilite Metallic Powder and acrylic paint
brushed on these finished resin pins, they are ready to wear!

What AMAZING arts and crafts

will you make with your Cre8time today???

Please share them on the NEW user GALLERY on the Amazing Mold Putty Website!
Visit my blog Art Resurrected for more craft tutorials!
Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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The annual Winter CHA is only 2 days away {January 11th}... which will be the official introduction of our newest addition, Amazing Mold Rubber. Several of our Creative Team will be on-site demonstrating throughout the convention – stay tuned for some sneak peeks. If you or your LSS are attending... please come and drop by the Amazing Crafting Products / Alumilite Corp. Booth #408.

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  1. looks like fun, very creative, thanks for sharing

  2. What AWESOME pieces! I'm in love with them!


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