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Mold Rubber Monday... AMAZING Over-Molding iRepair by Lonnie Sexton

This post is dedicated to all the people that had their Apple charging cord break shortly after purchase. The cables they made in 2007-2008 are better than the cables they sell today. Not because there is much difference in materials, but because they no longer have the cable assemblies over molded with a strain relief. This rubber coated strain relief over the cable and connector would prevent the cable from pulling out of the connector under flex and tug.

Same cables, less production cost, same retail price...

In this tutorial, I am going to over mold the ends of my iPad2
charging cable using Amazing Mold Rubber and Amazing Mold Putty.



Prepping the cable was quick and easy. Wrap the end of the cable where it meets the connector with electrical tape until it forms a small barrel around the end.

Post 2008 Apple Cord

 Tape Barrel Added

Using Foam Core board and hot glue make a mold box to fit the ends side by side. Cut a relief in one wall 1/2 way down for the cable to stick out of the side of the mold box.

Foam Core board mold box parts


Mix equal parts of Amazing Mold Putty and press into the bottom of the mold box evenly. I used about 70 grams of each part. Press the prepped connectors into the putty. Use a small flat object to press the putty into the tight areas of the object. Let cure.

Apply ample amounts of Mold Release to the putty around the part.
Let dry 15 minutes and repeat for three applications.

Mix and Press the second 1/2 of the mold. Let cure.

After the Amazing Mold Putty is cured, remove the cables and peel the electrical tape off the end. Place the spring from a ball point pen around the cable/connector end (ie. push the spring on the cable and wrap it around the cable). It will spiral over the cable as you twist it.


Springs from an ink pen added

Apply Mold Release to both halves of the putty mold.
Let dry and repeat for three applications.

Mix 10grams of Amazing Mold Rubber and pour into the mold cavity around the spring. Let it settle a little before pressing on the top 1/2 of the mold. I placed the first 1/2 in the vacuum to remove air bubbles before adding the top. Add the Top of the mold and secure with rubber bands. Let cure.

Amazing Mold Rubber filled putty mold

Trim the excess rubber flare

An AMAZING flexible strain relief!

Thank you for joining, I hope you enjoyed the project.
Check back to the Amazing Mold Putty Blog for exciting projects,
inspiration and tutorials. ~ Lonnie Sexton

What gadgets do you have
that are needing a quick fix?

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