Tuesday, January 14

You Light Up My AMAZING Mold Rubber Life...
by Tanya Ruffin

One of my first experiments with Amazing Mold Rubber was try and make a mold of some tiny light bulbs. Why would I want tiny resin light bulbs? Because they are steampunky!!

I took a truvia jar and cut the top off and used the bottom of the jar as the container for my mold.

The thing that really made it work was glue dots!

I used glue dots to stand the light bulbs up since the bottom is the top of the mold. After standing up as many bulbs as I could I filled the jar with Amazing Mold Rubber material.

One thing you have to be careful of is using a container that is bigger than the amount of rubber mold you have to fill it. Nothing is worse that not covering the top of your molded item!

You can fill your container with water and then pour water in a measuring cup and use that number against the size of your Amazing Mold Rubber container. While the space filled by your item you are casting exists, I have found it minimal in determining the amount of mold needed. Meaning... don't even bother taking it into consideration unless it is a big item. I still end up cutting it too close!

This is what i needed to do to make sure my rubber mold material covered the top. I had to place in some larger markers in the corners and the clips and glass case are to keep them from sliding. It was ugly, but it worked!

My Mold - cured.

The results. Perfect mini bulbs cast in Amazing Clear Cast Resin!

What cool Steampunky stuff can you make?

Leave a comment below and share what you would love
to create using Amazing Crafting Products! :)

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