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So Many Ways, So Many Ideas, it's Amazing!!! AMAZING Inspiration from Maria Soto

Hi there, it's me... Maria Soto sharing with you some other ways to use the Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I have to say I enjoy using the Amazing Casting Resin a bit more when casting items from molds, because it cures faster and lets face it – it's hard to wait hours to see the casted piece. However, I love using the Amazing Clear Cast Resin for other things besides casting objects.

I love to use the Amazing Clear Cast Resin as a sealer, and also as a type of permanent glue in many projects. Below I share a few projects showing examples. We know that if clear cast resin cures with a dull finish, another layer can be applied and used as a sealer to brings out an amazing shiny finish.

I was so inspired by several CHA designers that created some incredible Banners of Hope that were displayed at the 2014 winter CHA a few days ago. I was not able to create and submit a banner, but felt the need to create something, and so I did, I created a HOPE frame. I made this as our family has endured the pain of losing a family member to cancer as well as cancer survivors. I made this in their honor and with HOPE that a cure is found to end all types of cancer.

In the middle of the frame, I used Amazing Casting Resin colored with Blue and Violet Alumilite Dyes; and I also used it as a glue to hold together the duck tape flower and the Rowlux partial flower. The Amazing Clear Cast Resin was applied on the entire frame, including the center, to seal and bring a shiny finish to the entire frame. I added all the other embellishments to the center of the frame after pouring the clear cast resin so it was too used as a glue.

• • • • • • •

As I worked to finish this mask, I noticed it needed a lot more shine, so I used the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to cover the entire mask. The Rowlux flowers were easy to remove since I used Maya Road brads to keep in place, but the vellum flowers on the other side were glued – so I just brushed some resin on the vellum flowers. Below, you will find two comparison photos and a photo of the finished mask. You can see I added some crystals after the resin was applied; allowing me to use the clear cast resin as a sealer and glue at the same time. 

At this point the Amazing Clear Cast Resin was just applied to the left side of the mask to show the difference with and without the resin application.

Another view, you can see how the left side of the mask looks all shiny. I will say that the Viva Decor Inka Gold paints used on this mask give it a shiny look, however, I was looking for a stronger shine and protection. I feel that the Amazing Clear Cast Resin was the best product to get these results. 

Here is the finished mask, ready to wear!!!

• • • • • • •

Amazing Clear Cast Resin can also be used to add shine and "POP"
to paper embellishments like this dimensional flower.

I had a lot of Amazing Clear Cast Resin left so I poured some on my Amazing Mold Rubber mold from my button frame {click here to jump to see post}– to cast pieces that I would be able to use later on. I found out that when you use the Amazing Clear Cast Resin on the new Amazing Mold Rubber molds... it comes out with a beautiful shine; unlike when you use the mold putty molds. These pieces look so transparent and shiny – I can't wait to used them later on future projects.

I hope that this post will inspire you to use these amazing products in other ways, play around. Take chances... sometimes accidents lead to new creative ways to use them and this I find very exciting!

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  1. You've created so many beautiful things! I just love your Hope frame and the mask is to die for!

  2. Maria - thanks for sharing a broad range of applications for such a versatile product. Clear Cast Resin is the AMAZING icing on your beautiful work!


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