Friday, January 31

I Heart YOU with a Valentine Message Board... Tutorial by Isabel Villarreal

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I found the perfect way to leave words of love, for my love. This cork board is perfect for pinning notes, cards and random messages of cuteness.


I have an old mirror with a metal cherub embellishment and I've been dying to mold it and the upcoming holiday was the perfect opportunity! I carefully removed the embellishment and pulled out my trusty jars of Amazing Mold Putty. I found a nice flat surface to work on and separated equal parts of "A" and "B" in preparation {click here to view mixing instructions}. After mixing the two parts until they were an even yellow color I pressed the mixture into the metal surface, being sure to cover the entire piece. Once it was covered, I flipped it over to cure.


The finished mold looked perfect. Using small soft brushes I painted the mold with Alumilite Metallic Gold, Bronze and Pearlescent Powders – blending the colors for a soft look. After painting the mold, I was ready to cast my own cherub. I decided on Amazing Clear Cast Resin because I knew it would result in a slight transparency when painted and also because I was trying to give the piece a frosted glass look and feel. This piece was thick in some places especially around the cherub face so I did two layers. The first pouring was about 1/8" thick and about 3 hours later I poured the second layer to the rim {click here to view prep/mixing of clear cast resin}.


The Amazing Clear Cast Resin will take about 12-24 hours to set fully so I figured I would work on creating the message board that my angel would be decorating. For the board I cut three hearts: one 9" heart from 1/4" thick cork, one 11" heart from printed cotton twill and one 13" heart from red felt. The twill and felt hearts were cut using pinking shears to give them a nicer edge and also to keep the fabric from fraying. The cork heart was edged with pink twill binding and I used craft glue to layer them. I cut a 6" piece of binding and made a cute bow and attached it to the cork heart with hot glue. A couple of heart gems give the bow some glitz.

And the moment finally cherub was completely cured after about 14 hours and the Alumilite Metallic Powders gave me the finish I was trying for. Yay! I love it when things turn out well the way I want. 

I used an epoxy adhesive to attach my adorable cherub to the cork board. Grommets and a ribbon gave it a nice finishing touch. I even added a few gemstones to the cherub casting. This message board is now ready to be hung on a wall or it can be hung on the fridge using a magnetic hook.

Love notes never looked so good!

I can't wait to use this cork board to leave my honey bun sweet messages daily!

What special DIY projects are you
creating for Valentine's Day?

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  1. Fantastic idea--practical and beautiful!

  2. That's quite a brilliant idea! It'\s so beautiful and I like the idea of pinning your sweetest Valentines day messages on that board. Cheers to you.

    Anne Walker


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