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Turning Valentine's Day Candy into AMAZING Wearable Fun! A Tutorial by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with another Amazing Crafting Products tutorial! This week's tutorial I was inspired by some little goodies Susan M. Brown {sbartist}, our Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team Leader, gave me when we met at the Craft and Hobby Association show last week! She had found some fun things while in California, perfect to try molding and turning into art. One of the items was a little box of Valentine's Day candy hearts. I knew they could be turned into something fun with the help of Amazing Mold Putty!


While I love the look of the candy hearts, coating them with sealer or resin would still not last for long if used as jewelry. So the next best thing was to mold their shape and texture to cast in Amazing Casting Resin. I started by picking the best looking candies from the box.

I mixed up some Amazing Mold Putty and squished the putty around the candies. Making sure to not leave any gaps or air bubbles. With just a few of the candies I was able to make several molds with Amazing Mold Putty.

Once the molds were fully cured I poured Amazing Casting Resin. At first I poured the resin without any dye, creating the white candies. Then by adding very tiny drops of Alumilite Dyes in Red and Violet to Amazing Casting Resin I was able to create the look of the other candy colors.

Once the Amazing Casting Resin candy hearts were fully cured, I very carefully drilled a hole through the top of each heart, going all the way through, to make them into beads.

* I left a few resin hearts undrilled, these I will turn into earrings later.

Then using a sanding drill bit I sanded the back and odd edges to make all the sides of each bead appear matte, like the candy. Dust was easily rinsed off and the pieces dried.

Using the Glu6 Glue intended for non-porous surfaces I glued on sticker gems to the front of each heart. While not necessary I felt the sticker gems added a nice touch of sparkle to the beads. 

Using the Glu6 Glue once again I attached earring posts to the backs of Amazing Casting Resin hearts without holes drilled into them. I let the glue dry overnight to ensure a good bond with the resin.

I threaded on a heart bead onto a jewelry eyepin. Carefully I snipped off the excess wire, and using round nose pliers I rolled the end of the wire into a loop. I repeated this with all of the drilled resin beads.

Threading 4 glass beads onto a eyepin again I carefully I snipped off the excess wire, and using round nose pliers I rolled the end of the wire into a loop. I repeated this with a second eyepin. These pieces became the ends of the bracelet.

I opened up a 5mm jumpring with the flat nose pliers and put the jumpring through two of the resin links. When I closed the jumpring with the pliers I created a two part link. I repeated this for the rest of the bead links and added a jewelry clasp at the end to finish off the bracelet.

With the glue dry and the bracelet finished –
I now have a festive Valentine's Day earring and bracelet set.

I found out these little resin hearts looked so nice I even made a fabric bracelet by gluing the resin hearts to a ribbon and once again attaching resin hearts to earring posts. With so many candies to mold, the possibilities of resin candy art or jewelry is endless!

What AMAZING arts and crafts
are you inspired to create???

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Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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  1. What a fantastic idea! My nieces would love these (as would I!)

  2. Very cute! Perfect project for Valentine's Day


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