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Creative Play at CHA 2014 Leads to AMAZING Discoveries... by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Happy Sunday Everyone! Susan dropping by today. The past week and a half have flown by from traveling coast-to-coast to attend the Winter CHA in Anaheim, CA. Going from east to west leaves you feeling like a superhero with a rush of adrenaline... and then the whiplash of jetlag catches you on the return flight. I think I slept for three days when I got home. I will share more recaps throughout this week of our Amazing Creatives that joined us in sharing their creative talents at CHA. 

If you took photos at the Amazing Crafting Products/Alumilite booth... we'd love for you to share!!! Please email to amazingcrafting at yahoo dot com and we will share them here -OR- if you are on Instagram post them with #AmazingCraftingProducts and they will feed to our slideshow on the right sidebar.

I brought with me a few of my Amazing DIY No-Gelatin Printing Plates and some paint for demoing. I was pleasantly surprised how many people visited to see how the monoprinting technique works. I totally want to cover my table in Amazing Mold Rubber now. It's the perfect non-stick surface to work on with resin... and a wonderful work surface for painting, too!

I applied layers of Liquitex Acrylic paints and pressed in resin cast buttons, shapes and various samples we had made throughout the day. I stamped circles using our mixing cups and bottle lids.

Quick and easy mixed media art with a handful of supplies and in a matter of minutes I had about a dozen painted monoprints {on the back of our sales sheets – LOL}.


I added Alumilite Metallic Powders and Ranger Perfect Pearls while acrylic paint layers are drying.

I'm so excited because I came up with a totally "BRILLIANT" idea – a brand new technique!

Since I had quite a buildup of paint and color on my Amazing DIY No-Gelatin Printing Plate... I could have easily added more wet paint and pulled off onto paper or by using strips of clear packing tape. But I had an IDEA! I wanted to get it off in one pull... fused together with Amazing Casting Resin – giving me a painted resin sheet.

Detail of the first layer of Amazing Casting Resin beginning to cure. It was taking a bit longer than expected because it was such a thin pour {to be expected}, and the Amazing Mold Rubber slab stays quite cool... so we improvised on the fly!

I gently separated the two-plys of a paper towel and placed one into the uncured resin. This immediately helped accelerate the curing as it thickened the layer. As it cured I prepared another batch of Amazing Casting Resin and poured on top, then added the remaining ply of paper towel. This did the trick in getting it to harden faster. It was near the end of the day and we had quite a few gathered to watch – all very excited to see the results so waiting until the next morning wasn't going to do.

The "LIVE" reveal!!!

Presenting the first ever Amazing Casting Resin Monoprint pulled from the Amazing DIY No-Gelatin Printing Plate! This has only been tested on a faux gelatin plate made of Amazing Mold Rubber. **PLEASE NOTE** I do not know what the results of this technique would be on an official gelli plate.

Detail of first Amazing Casting Resin monoprint! The Alumilite Gold and Silver Metallic Powders look like silver and gold leafing pressed between the layers of paint! I did experiment the next day with another one on my larger plate... and I toyed around with pouring a thicker layer of Amazing Casting Resin, eliminating the need for the paper towel. Stay tuned for upcoming posts to see what I've done with these resin monoprints!

Special thanks to my new creative pal Keri Sallee for capturing all these photos and video while I was getting messy and enjoying my Cre8time!

What do you think of this AMAZING Discovery??

If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog
sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here. ~ Susan

Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening!

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