Wednesday, December 16

When #cre8time bits and bobbles inspire... AMAZING Inspiration by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with some inspiration using Amazing Casting Products! With the holidays fast approaching I am always trying to think of new gift ideas for family and friends. Whenever I feel I have hit an artistic slump, I take a look at my crafting supplies and collections of random goodies. 
This time I happened to find a collection of little frames, bottles, charms and pendants that, while cute, just seemed kinda blah. With the help of Amazing Clear Cast Resin it was easy to change them into wonderful handmade gifts!


I went through my stash of supplies and collected these pieces to start with. I made sure everything was clean and dust free.

Several of the frames I added Violet Stickers and bits of paper. To the Bookboard Fairy Wing Accents I painted them with acrylic paint. Any piece with paper, stickers or paint I sealed with several coats of Liquitex Gloss Varnish. I let the varnish fully dry before proceeding to my next step.

Any item that had openings or space that resin could leak out of, I applied clear packing tape to the back of the items and carefully burnished the tape.

For each batch of resin I mixed a few drops of Alumilite Dyes and small amount of Alumidust into 1 fl. oz of Amazing Clear Cast Resin I had just mixed up, making sure to stir thoroughly. I ended up making a batch of green, blue, purple and a clear untinted batch of resin.

Any frame and bezel with a sticker or paper was filled with Amazing Clear Cast Resin; the fairy wings filled with all three of the tinted batches of resin; and the metal pendants had details filled with tinted resin.

I filled the little glass bottles with the tinted resin and the leftover resin I poured into a cabochon mold to use for future projects.

Once the resin was cured I pulled out my stash of Crystal Beads, Chain and Findings from Fiona Accessories to make the finished jewelry pieces.

With so many pieces coated in resin I was able to make not only jewelry but resin coated embellishments for mixed media projects as well!

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create?

Please share them on the user GALLERY on the Amazing Crafting Products Website!

Visit my blog Art Resurrected for more craft tutorials!

Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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