Wednesday, August 28

AMAZING Surface Treatments for Cast Resin Pieces
by Carole Lassak

Hi!! Carole here to share three ways that I color my cast pieces. There are several ways to add surface treatments to cast resin pieces. Untreated pieces made with Amazing Clear Cast Resin dry clear and pieces made with Amazing Casting Resin dry white. In an earlier post, I shared how I use acrylic paints for surface treatment. Today, let's explore dyes, metallic powders, and gilding.

None of these methods are difficult, but dyes have to be the easiest. And, Amazing Crafting Products offer a rich array of colors. Here I've used two of the newest additions to their rainbow – Fluorescent Green and Fluorescent Orange. Of course, you can mix the dyes to create your own custom shades, too.

Just add up to 20 drops/fluid ounce of Part "A" the resin – Amazing Clear Cast or Amazing Casting Resin – and stir until the dye is incorporated into the Part "A" resin. From there you mix Parts "A" and "B" of the resin, following these standard procedures. For these frames I was a bit timid with the dye and only used one drop of the dye. 

I'm totally pleased with the soft colors. More drops would yield a more vibrant color.

The next method is using Alumilite Metallic Powder. The metallic powders result in a cast piece that truly looks like metal. For this frame I used one of my favorites – metallic gun metal.

Using a soft, dry brush gently dust the mold before pouring the resin. A little bit goes a long way, and I find I have better results if the mold is lightly, but thoroughly, coated with no extra powder granules. The casting comes out of the mold completely colored and finished.

The last surface treatment that I'll share today is gilding. I started with a clear frame.

I coated it with Duo Adhesive. This adhesive goes on liquid and milky. When dry and ready to use, it is clear and tacky – perfect for adhering gilding.

I pressed the gilding to the frame, then gently burnished the excess with a texture sponge and finished with a soft cotton puff.

The line of resins from Amazing Crafting Products accept many surface treatments allowing you to transform the ordinary white and clear pieces.

What surface treatment are you going
to use on your next casting project?

You can see more projects using Amazing Crafting Products on my Create & Craft blog. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



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  1. lovely frames, loved the difference in color you get from the dyes.

  2. I love the look of these frames. Beautiful work. :)

  3. Although I do love the gilded frame, the clear one was kinda cool. If added to a layout on journal page, you would be allowed to see the background through the frame, which might be pretty special. Thanks for sharing!!


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