Wednesday, August 14

Ohhh the Possibilities with these Amazing Colors... AMAZING Inspiration from Brenda Burfeind

Brenda here again and I cannot tell you how excited I am about the NEW colors that Amazing Crafting Products just came out with. I got to play for a little while yesterday and I can honestly say I am in LOVE. I didn't get to test ALL the new colors, but love the outcome of what I did try. My all time favorite color is Purple and they just came out with an amazing Violet, SO beautiful. They also came out with 4 neon colors:

I know I will be creating something for my son
with the Fluorescent Green, his favorite color. 

But, here is just a tiny sampling of what's to come.

1. Fluorescent Green (Flo Green) domino cast with Amazing Clear Cast Resin. It's not quite cured yet as it does take about 24 hours, but can you just see the potential in NEON?

2. Fluorescent Green (Flo Green) ornate piece cast with Amazing Casting Resin (see the color difference by using clear cast vs resin since that is a white based product?) The color possibilities are endless.

4. Fluorescent Orange (Flo Orange) cast with Amazing Casting Resin. I can't wait to try it with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to bring out that NEON effect.

5. Fluorescent Orange (Flo Orange) cast with Amazing Casting Resin and highlighted with gold Rub 'n Buff®, (there again, bringing new color to an existing color).

6. Alumilite Violet Dye leaf cast with Amazing Casting Resin and washed with white pearl acrylic paint with more color highlighted.

So you can see how you can achieve SO many different colors using either the Amazing Casting Resin or the Amazing Clear Cast Resin

I hope I've given you a little look into how colors can be changed up with a bit of creativity and a bit of imagination. 
Thank you for joining me today and remember... "Creativity is a State of Mind". ~ Brenda

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  1. I love all your little embellishments, and I love the new fluorescent dyes!

  2. thank you, I am absolutely in love with these new colors

  3. My oh my! The purple is my fave... but the green in the Amazing Casting Resin looks like jade. I can't wait to see what you create from these :)


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