Friday, August 16

Lucky Buffalo Nickel!!! AMAZING Inspiration from Sandra Strait

The year is 1926. A young man, far from home and family, visits the World's Fair. He buys a Lucky Buffalo Nickel souvenir. Eighty-seven years later, I decide to make a lucky keychain.

When I was a young child, my grandfather gave me the 3-inch nickel souvenir he bought at the World's Fair. It was then, and still is, a prized possession. Recently, I saw it in the display cabinet and thought... 

What a cool keychain that would make!

And it did! I dusted the putty mold with Silver Alumilite Metallic Powder (and a touch of Gunmetal), and stuck a wood stylus into the poured Amazing Casting Resin so it would have a hole for the keychain.

The original souvenir nickel is quite heavy. I'm not sure what the composition is, but it's metal! The resin nickel will be much easier to carry around. 

I decided not to mold the back because it has so much tarnish build-up on it that I couldn't get a good casting. I don't think the nickel is worth a lot--it's a fairly common souvenir from that time frame, and not specific to the World's Fair. But cleaning an item can reduce its value, so I didn't want to try it. Instead, I left the back white, and wrote on it with a permanent marker.

And have you seen the new products

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~ Sandra Strait

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  1. what a great way to keep safe something that means so much and yet be able to have it with you always. great project

  2. This is beautiful - what a fantastic piece (both the nickle and your molded one!) What a nice way to remember your grandfather :)

  3. Great project! This is wonderful and I love that you carry the memento with you daily without damaging the original.


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