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Welcome to the NEW Additions to Our Group of AMAZING Creatives!!!

Good Morning! I'm sure you might have noticed a few new faces around the here, and we certainly do. Please give a warm welcome to these new additions to the Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team. A mix of some old friends and new - these three ladies are super creative and ALL take mixed-media to    a new dimension!

Please take some time to get to know these fantasic artists and show them some love. You can CLICK each of their names to visit their blogs/websites. We look forward to seeing what they create... prepare to be AMAZED and INSPIRED!!!

** I'm so excited to have Tracy join the core creative team – she is a second generation resin artisan... following in her mother's creative footsteps.

Tracy is a mixed media artist, craft product designer and owner of Art Resurrected, an indie art company. She lives in sunny Southern California with her husband and menagerie of animals. Specializing in: Sculpture, Illustration, Jewelry, Paper Crafts, Painting, Graphic Art, Museum Replicas and Product Demonstration for Art/Craft Trade Shows. Since late 2011 she has been a working in product design and development for arts and crafts companies. Her interests in ancient art, archeology, biology, anthropology, world cultures, fabric arts, miniatures, dolls and natural elements add to a dizzying array subjects of which are the inspiration for her art. Her artwork has been published in magazines and newspapers, displayed at gallery and art shows. 

Meet our new Amazing Guest Designers...
 { in alphabetical order }

** I am proud to welcome back Tanya - another one of the Amazing Crafting Products alumni creatives. Her unique and original creations with a NOLA flair will have you dancing to your own creative beat.

At an early age Tanya knew she was an artist. She even convinced her non-artistic friends to take art classes with her when she was 9. Unfortunately like many artists, she has to have a "real" job to pay the bills. Tanya says, “By day I am a mild mannered (ok, not so mild) information technology trainer and by night I am an artist”.

Tanya has a BFA in Fine Arts/ Painting and Drawing and a MA in Medieval Art History. Having fell in love with renaissance art her junior year in college (while attending a summer art program in Italy), she was hooked and changed her major from graphic design to fine arts.

Tanya taught graphic design for a few years was a museum curator at the state archives and ended up in Higher Ed. No, not teaching art, working with faculty support and training.

In 2012, Tanya opened Create Studios, an Arts and Carafes art studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Attendees bring in wine and other refreshments while creating various craft projects.

“I continue to create because it is something that is necessary of me, such as breathing.” Tanya’s medium is anything from watercolors, jewelry to paper crafts. You can follow Tanya at her blog at  {Proud AMP Alumni}

** Maria is a fabulous artist and really thinks out of the box... you have to see what she can do with new products, duck tape and your "run of the mill" crafting supplies. 

I’m a crafter and CHA Designer. I have been creating all types of crafts and one of a kind designs for over 10 years. I love to paint, make my own beads and charms. I have learned so many techniques and have worked with all different types of materials over the years. I love to challenge myself into learning what I find interesting and incorporate this into what I already like to do. My favorite part of crafting/designing is the freedom of creating what I envision, and be able to share what I love with others. As a mother of three very creative young adults, the best part of being creative is to be able to share my love for art with them.

Creativity is everywhere, in everything and in everyone! You can follow Maria at her blog "What is Creativity??".


A round of applause and big creative hugs to our guest designers who joined the Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team this spring... your work is outstanding and you certainly AMAZED us! Great news... the talents of Brenda Burfeind {Creativity is Only a State of Mind} -AND- Sandra Strait {Life Imitates Doodleswill be staying in residence with us through the summer. CLICK HERE to see our entire Creative Team.

Are you creative, inventive and love using

We are looking for creatives from all walks of life and all areas of discipline - as long as you have the ability to take amazing photos and create incredible projects that show your love for Amazing Crafting ProductsEmail inquires to amazingcrafting at yahoo dot com and perhaps you could be one of our next residence of "Guest Designers".

Please give a warm welcome to our AMAZING ARTISTS! Don't forget to follow our blog via email, bloglovin' or via networked blogs so you don't miss a single post. Have a fantastic day!

** Annotations by Susan, Creative Team Leader

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