Tuesday, August 6

Dogs and Wine, Is there Anything Better?
AMAZING Photo Resin Wine Glass by Tanya Ruffin

Hi, this is Tanya to share a wine glass project I made using Amazing Crafting Products, some color copies, and a wine glass from the dollar store.

When you have etched and painted so many wine glasses what else is there to do but to add some photos or original artwork?! Well I have had a successful experiment with laser copies and Amazing Clear Cast Resin using a copy of a Pop Art painting I created of my cairn terrier, Duncan.

Dogs and wine, is there anything better?

1. Make a color copy or a laser print out of an original piece of art or a photo.

2. Working on top of a non-stick surface; use glue to adhere your images to the glass. Be careful to not put the glue all over the wine glass, just under the images. You want clear (unglued) glass where images are not. Also leave about a 1/2 inch image and glue free zone around top of wine glass. We don't want lips touching the area to be resined. 

3. Coat the top of the images with a coat of glue.

4. Allow glue to dry for an hour.

5. Using a craft knife clean up any glue.

5. Mix up Amazing Clear Cast Resin and using a disposable brush (I used a foam brush), paint the resin over the images. Make sure to avoid the top 1/2 inch of glass. Paint resin down the stem and the base of the glass. The resin will drip down the stem anyway- so you might as well coat it. 

6. Place your glass on a raised surface (I used a small scoop). This way the resin will drip off and not pool under the glass. Allow to dry over night.

7. Clean up any drips from the resin using a craft knife and a emery board.

8. You are done!

Kind of makes your mind think up all kinds of possibilities!

How would you customize your wine glasses

If you are inspired and create something from this tutorial, please leave a comment below with a link here so I can check it out! Please visit my site. Thanks! ~ Tanya


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