Friday, August 30

Making AMAZING Faux Amber... Ready-to-Wear Inspiration from Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here again with another inspiration post! I have always loved the look of ancient forms of enameling, lacquer and resin in art, but nothing beats the beauty of nature's fossilized tree resin, Amber. Used since ancient times in art and jewelry, with warm hues and easy to carve nature makes it a favorite of many artists. Sometimes when these ancient trees secreted their resin, small plant matter, dirt, insects and organisms (many now-extinct species) would get encased. However because of the rarity of encased objects, the importance of these fossils to paleontology (the study of ancient life) and certain series of modern dinosaur movies, pieces of amber with insects can be costly.

While I own some pieces of real amber and enjoy working with it, as you can see in the photo above, I often want to make more elaborate and interesting jewelry pieces. This is where Amazing Crafting Products came to the rescue!

I knew I could get the clarity in the Amazing Clear Cast Resin, and the wide selection of Alumilite Dyes colors would allow me to get the right colors to duplicate the warm hues of amber. However, to get the dazzling look of real amber I needed to collect small stones, plant fibers, dead insects and tea leaves! Using oval cabochon molds I was able to create pieces of faux amber using Amazing Crafting Products!

This piece has a wind scorpion (otherwise known as a sun spider)
skin shedding or molting encased with leaves and small stones in Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Here I placed a small moth with Chamomile leaves and stones in the resin.
I left the air bubbles that formed in the resin to make it look more like real amber.

With the addition of frames, crystals, chain and beads I was able to create
a lovely collection of faux amber perfect for the coming Fall months!

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create???

Please share them on the NEW user GALLERY on the Amazing Mold Putty Website!

Visit my blog Art Resurrected for more craft tutorials!
Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy



  1. Gorgeous and timeless pieces - in this case woman-made beats out naturally occurring... even with the embedded creepy crawlies ;)

  2. wow, these are pretty. I was just talking at work about how people make this type of jewelry with bugs/insects. love the color!

  3. Looking so beautiful… Nice jeweler. I love this post. I am sure that anyone looks this amber jeweler will be attracted. One of my friends she likes stone jeweler and she has many amber stone jewelers. And she bought it in DR Fine Jewels. Really jewelers are so attractive.


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