Saturday, August 24

Bling a Kaleidoscope of COLOR to Your Martini Glass... AMAZING Inspiration from Tanya Ruffin

Hi, Tanya here to give you an inspiration piece (with a somewhat Louisiana theme) that actually made my mind spin with other ideas and interpretations of it! 

I have a teaching arts studio in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and taught a mosaic stained glass class a few weeks ago. The ladies there thought the little shards of glass that remained at the end of the class were so pretty that they gathered them all up in one pile for me to use. Well, how could I waste what these dear ladies risked cuts and gashes gathering for me? I couldn't! But what to do?

A ha! I coated the base of a martini glass (that I had already painted a Mardi Gras mask on) with glue and sprinkled the glass pieces on. They were mostly tiny glittery looking pieces, so they went on well. When the glue dried I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin to seal the pieces. 

Make sure to clean up any drip pieces using a craft knife...

 and Voilà - I have a Mosaic Martini Glass!

I have since snipped the one jagged pieces on the right. Oddly, it isn't even sharp.

What are you going to sprinkle on the bottom
of a martini glass and seal with Amazing Clear Cast Resin?

I'd love to hear your creative spin on this - please leave a comment below with a link so I can check it out! Please visit my site to see more of my inspiring creations. Thanks! ~ Tanya


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