Tuesday, August 27

Make the Walls Your SCRAPBOOK... AMAZING Family Wall Plaque by Michelle Frae Cummings

Have you had the chance to try the "NEW" Amazing Mold Rubber?

It allows you to create the perfect mold the first time with out having to make it in sections which can leave to imperfections. It is especially clever when you have something with fine detail or a large shape, such as this porcelain plaque. 

To make the above Family Wall Plaque, I used the following:

Secure your plaque in the clean container face up. I used very strong double stick tape.

Next mix the Amazing Mold Rubber according to the package and mix very thoroughly, scraping the sides as you mix. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area as it can be quite aromatic before it sets. 

Pour around the outside of the plaque inside the container and then fill the inside. Don't worry about any bubbles. 


The Amazing Mold Rubber will start to turn solid with in 15 minutes, so make sure you have it on a flat surface. To fully cure, it may take anywhere from 4-10 hours to set. I left mine alone over night.

When it was not sticky to touch, I trimmed down my container so I could start to separate the mold from the plastic. 

I carefully pulled the plaque from the rubber, making sure not to disturb the columns for the holes; then trimmed around where any silicone leaked under the tape. 

I poured equal amounts of the Amazing Casting Resin in the cups provided and added 2 drops of the Brown Alumilite Dye to the part "A" of the resin. I mixed thoroughly before adding a bit of both Gold and Copper Alumilite Metallic powders. I mixed again, added the resin part "B" and quickly mixed, scraping the sides and bottom of the cup before pouring into the rubber mold.

It took approximately 15-20 minutes for the Amazing Casting Resin to harden. While it was still a little warm and slightly soft, I pulled it from the mold and trimmed off any jagged edges.

What you will LOVE about this type of mold, is that all parts of the resin, what was in the mold or not, will remain shiny and smooth as if you had finished it with coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin

I simply added my photo, dew drops and ribbon
to make a nice happy Family Wall Plaque

What would you mold to create your own
family plaque using Amazing Crafting Products?

Thanks for coming by! Please visit my blog, Faerie Dust Dreams 
for more creative inspiration. ~ Michelle Frae Cummings

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