Thursday, August 8

Oh! An Amazing Light Bulb Moment!!! AMAZING Inspiration from Maria Soto

Hi there, as much as I love to craft with all the amazing products in the market, I love to recycle as much as I can. So the other day we had to replace the light bulbs in my dinning room light fixture, it requires 3 small light bulbs, so my son gave me the used light bulbs and said, "here I know you'll find some use for these". Well they sat in a small glass bowl on my desk at home for a while and I kept looking at them wondering what to do. Suddenly it hit me, use them as decorations for the holidays that are coming up, like Halloween, maybe Christmas.

So here is what I started with, my little light bulbs.

Now here are my new ornaments, I'm thinking I might add some ribbons to the wire when the time comes to use them. for now these are held together with some silver wire and beads, all ready to hang!!!.

Can't wait to get some more bulbs between now and the holidays, just think of all the possibilities you have to decorate these light bulbs, so next time you have to replace some at your home, don't discard them, keep them and find a way to recycle them, go try some Amazing Crafting Products and give them a new purpose.


For all three light bulbs I used the Amazing Casting Resin and Alumilite Dyes in Red, Brown, Violet and Black.

You need to make sure to pour equal amounts of part "A" and part "B" of the Amazing Casting Resin;  otherwise your resin will not cure and you will have a failed project. When using these amazing Alumilite Dyes, you don't need to use a lot, a little goes a long way, I added a little bit of black dye to the violet.

Now for the red light bulb, I brushed the colored resin on the entire bulb making sure to cover it completely, for the violet bulbs I decided to just poured it over the light bulb making sure to leave some areas free of the resin to give it a different look, I wanted all three to look different.

I had worked on something else after I finished these light bulbs and had used the clear resin with the brown dye, since I had a little left over I decided to pour it over the red light bulb to see if it would give it a bit of dimension to the color, and it sure did.

Please be careful when you handle any light bulb, they are fragile and you don't want to hold too tight, for they might brake, also this is not a project I would recommend for a child, please be careful when you work with glass items, be safe. 

Now, I don't like to waste so I had some left over resin and I poured a bit into a heart mold I had on hand and made it into a ring, below you can see the mold I used ( previously made by using Amazing Mold Putty and a Swarovsky crystal heart ), also the side and top view of the finished ring.


I find it amazing when ideas come to you as you work on a project, creativity is always there, so go on and create something amazing.

I hope to have inspired you to do
some AMAZING green crafting!!! 

To see more of my creations, please visit my blog "What is Creativity?". ~ Maria

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

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