Monday, August 5

Resin Covered Chipboard... How-to by DeeDee Catron

Hi everybody! DeeDee here today :) 

I won't be molding anything on this fine day, instead I'll be sharing a how-to with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Creating AMAZING resin covered chipboard... in a few simple steps – WOW!

First... Gather your supplies:

Amazing Clear Cast Resin parts "A" and "B", Stir Sticks, Measuring Cups, Chipboard from UmWowStudio and this super fancy little mat that Susan sent me. It has little prongs on it that hold up your project while you pour resin over it!! Perfect for doming charms, bezels and or other embellishments.

Lay out all your pieces on your mat.

Mix equal amounts of parts "A" and "B" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Using your stir stick, dome the mixed resin in the middle of your chipboard piece.

Without adding more resin to your stick, pull the resin from the middle of your piece to the outside edge. This creates a "ledge" or dam that the resin won't pour over. 

Cover all with resin, then cover the whole mat with a lid to keep dust particles off the resin while it cures. Give it 24 hours... and...

(or card or any other project!)

Now you've got a super gorgeous dark rich brown shiny embellishment.

Imagine dropping things into the resin before it cures...
beads, glitter, sand, buttons, fibers, ribbons! 

You could also stamp on the chipboard, or paint it with glorious metallic paints, crackle, anything! We don't always have to pour resin IN to something -- it can be perfect on the top, as well.

What might you be using resin on? Would you imbed something in it or leave it plain like I did?

I'd love to hear about what objects you have covered in Amazing Clear Cast Resin
Thanks for stopping by today!  ~ DeeDee


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  1. I've thought of embedding the chipboard piece in resin so it appears to be floating. I love what you've done here!

  2. The kraft chipboard is AMAZING with the resin coating... looks like candy!!! I'm so excited to try it on chipboard that I've sprayed and inked and painted :)


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