Thursday, August 15

Clearly, This is Love...? AMAZING tutorial by
Rachel Whetzel

Last month, I shared the Necklace Piece that I made with Amazing Mold Putty, Scrabble Tiles, and Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I mentioned that I made my mold with some of the tiles facing the opposite direction as I wanted them for THAT project, because I was working on a second project with the same mold. Today, I'm going to show you that SECOND project! 

To create your piece like this, you'll need the following: 

• Scrabble tiles that form a word

• A cool piece of art work for the back of your tile (I used vintage dictionary pages) 

• Crafter's Pick the Ultimate Glue (or whatever your favorite is) 

Let's get started! First, choose some scrabble pieces to use... I am using tiles that spell "LOVE".

Mix equal parts of Amazing Mold Putty and prepare it for molding. Next, place the pieces for this project letter side down in your mold, and let the mold set. I pushed my pieces in deep to make my cast pieces thicker. Please CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions.

Once your mold is set, mix Amazing Clear Cast Resin in equal parts, and pour into your mold. Let it set up before removing the pieces. You can see the letter "L" in the top right corner of the mold in this picture. Please CLICK HERE for more detailed instructions on mixing and preparing Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Once your resin has cured, pop out your pieces, and use paint to fill in the lettering of your tiles. Then back them with your photo or paper. 

I chose to use the definitions of words that describe LOVE to back my letters. 

Then I coated both sides of the tiles with more
Amazing Clear Cast Resin to create a shiny, clear tile. 

I'll be using these on a mixed media piece for sure!!
I love this new twist on the scrabble tile idea! 

Can you think of other things YOU would
do with clear scrabble tiles?

Share your ideas here! I would love for you to visit me at my "house" too!! ~ rachel

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


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You can't win if you don't play.


  1. Those look AMAZING ~ Love them! Great tutorial!

  2. love this project, would be perfect for some jewelry making too!!! thanks for sharing Rachel

  3. Thank you both!! Maria, I had that same thought! I will be using these pieces on a mixed media piece I'm working on, but I might make more and make some jewelry with them. :)

  4. Thanks for enabling me to hoard more things for crafting. Kudos on this AMAZING project!!!


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