Tuesday, August 20

HOOT - HOOT! Add some Character to your Message Board... AMAZING Inspiration by Michelle Frae Cummings

Have you ever wished that you had something more exciting for push pins? Some thing just as pretty to look at as the art you are pinning? I did! I love owls and was bored with my plain flat push pins.

So I made up some push pins from some small vintage owl keepsakes.

Small vintage owls like these bells and figurines work nicely. 

I used Amazing Mold PuttyAmazing Casting Resin, and the new Violet, fluorescent green and fluorescent orange Alumilite Dyes. From start to finish, making these owl push pins took no more than 30 minutes! After the resin owls were cured, I simply glued the flat part of the push pins onto the backs of the owls with E-6000.

So easy!

How would you customize your pushpins

Thanks for coming by! Please visit my blog, Faerie Dust Dreams 
for more creative inspiration. ~ Michelle Frae Cummings

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  1. these are just too adorable. would make some great jewelry items too!!!


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