Tuesday, April 21

From a Domino Grows a #Cre8time Rose...
by Brenda Burfeind

Good day friends! Brenda here from Creativity is a State of Mind here to inspire and show you how you can use castings from 3 molds and incorporate them into one fine jewelry piece.

I have so many molds right now made of the Amazing Mold Putty... from being on the team nearly three years it's a bit overwhelming. I also have NUMEROUS resin pieces using the Amazing Casting Resin that are biding their time in a box until I get to them. Digging through my box the other day I came up with this custom pendant I'm sharing today.

You can see I used various Alumilite Dyes in different colors and the Alumilte Pearlescent Powder to capture some fabulous lusture.

It all started with a domino resin piece I found in my box made from a mold I molded about a year and a half ago and it's been used A LOT. 

Some of my molds are at least 3 years old and still work like the day I created them. I love altering dominos and using a mold I can create any color domino I want.

Next came the vines that I created from a very old antique lightswitch plate that I molded while visiting a friend's antique shop.

I did add a rim around the piece by adding a snake of Amazing Mold Putty around the piece after I got it home. You can see the complete mold in the first picture of this post.

Then came the rose that I also molded at my friend's antique shop which came off of a vintage hand held mirror he had for sale. I apologize for the next picture but I made these two molds while at the antique shop.  

I just couldn't resist trying to mold these lovelies while I was out and about... and they turned out beautifully.

I cast the rose with Amazing Casting Resin (which turns an opaque white when cured). I then added a bit of the Alumilite Fluorescent "Flo" Red Dye to the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and lightly dripped it over the rose. 

Then using my E6000®, I glued the vines and rose to the domino. Also a few red rhinestones for some added bling completes this amazing domino pendant.

I also made my own finding by twisting some wire and gluing that on with the E6000® also. Now I just need to add a chain... I can't wait to wear it!

If you could incorporate
objects from 3 different molds,
what would you make?

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you will leave me a comment and tell me what you liked about this project using up my resin pieces.

Until next time, happy crafting ~ Brenda

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