Monday, April 20

Plastic Toys Get a New #Cre8time Leash on Life... by Isabel Villarreal

Hi there crafters! I originally started making these as cute and kitschy dog art for friends and then realized they would make amazingly adorable leash organizers. I personalized mine by painting them to look like my friends' pets.

My first step was to cut the toys in half. I wouldn't be using the entire piece, just the front half.

The next step was to make a mold box. I used advertising flyers to make mine. I secured the original pieces to the bottom of the box using hot glue. For these dogs I decided to use Amazing Mold Rubber because they are fairly small and have lots of detail. Since the Mold Rubber starts as a thick liquid, it gets into the smallest areas to pick up really remarkable detail.

My Amazing Mold Rubber set in about 2 hours. Setting time really depends on the temperature and humidity in your area. I molded 2 pieces in the same mold box so I used a sharp knife to cut the 2 molds apart and then each mold in half so that I would have a 2-part mold. I used a piece of elastic and a pin to keep the 2 pieces tightly fitted while I poured my resin.


Using Amazing Casting Resin I filled the molds and waited about 15 minutes for it to set. The 2-part mold makes it easier to remove the cured resin casting from the mold. Here you can see my results.


Now to paint my resin pieces. I used acrylic paint to add colors and details to my dogs. I bought a couple of wood plaques from my local craft store to use as the back board. A few pencil marks and drill holes later, I had the perfect backs for my doggies. The resin dogs would also need to be drilled in the back of each piece.

With a little paint my plaques were transformed. I used a screw to attach the dogs to the boards and added a wall hook.

The final pieces are cute enough to grace your wall as 3D dog art, and they also hold your leashes! I will probably coat the entire thing in a thin layer of Clear Cast, just to be sure the dogs don't get damaged from daily use.

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