Tuesday, April 28

Home is Where the Cat Is... by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria and today I want to share a fun project I created using some of my extra resin castings. I have a box full of pieces I've created and I wanted to work on a photo frame for my son. He just finished putting together his home office and I thought it would be nice to make a photo frame that would hold his baby kitten's picture. 

I have made other projects using this cat head mold that I created using Amazing Mold Putty and  Amazing Casting Resin – please CLICK HERE to jump over to my blog to see how I created this fun mold with another mixed-media cat themed creation.

When making molds using Amazing Mold Putty you have to keep in mind it's going to last you a very long time, so chose fun things to mold – things that you know you can use in many different ways. That's the fun part about making your own molds... you can use them in any way you chose to.

I used a wood photo frame I had on hand, painted it and used some stickers to mask the bird and branch with flowers on the top of the frame. I then used some letter stamps to add a phrase to the frame "Home is Where the Cat Is", which is perfect for us – we have three cats and they have made our home a better place to be.

I added Amazing Clear Cast Resin on the entire frame once the paint was completely dried. I used it to adhere the resin cat's head to the frame and the little yarn ball and piece of yarn that goes around part of the frame. I thought the yarn would add a nice dimension to the frame. The resin looks like glass on the frame. I tried taking lots of photos indoors and outside to try and capture how the Amazing Clear Cast Resin looks amazing on this frame, but it's pretty hard to photograph. I took this frame to work, and everyone loved it. 

The cat's head was made using the Amazing Casting Resin. I can't say this enough, but I love using this resin to cast most of my molds – because its not only fast and easy to use, but you can use just about any type of paints to add color after the resin is cured... or you can add color to the resin when mixing. It really is a great product to use. 

I hope that I have inspired you to go and bring out your old molds and see how you can create new ideas with them... please be sure to share them with us via social media. We love to see what everyone creates with #AmazingCastingProducts.

What would you cast in Amazing Mold Putty
to customize your keepsake frame?

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