Wednesday, April 1

Seeing Circles and Spots for #MoldRubberMonday

Hello Amazing Crafters! I love to paint, but rarely have time to spend on having a go at a large canvas. So I've been having fun with MONOPRINTING recently... it gives me a painting fix and at the same time I can enjoy the randomness of creative play.

I can thank my Amazing Mold Rubber for providing me the ability to create AMAZING DIY No-Gelatin Printing Plates in a variety of sizes and SHAPES! Monoprinting is a great mixed-media painting technique that virtually ANYONE can do – anywhere!

Just some of my monoprinting tools... all created with Amazing Mold Rubber. I have created many AMAZING DIY No-Gelatin Printing Plates in various shapes and sizes – pouring them in empty plexiglass frames and recycled crafty packaging. CLICK HERE to jump over and view how I created these. The Amazing Mold Rubber is more stiff and dense than the standard Gelli Arts® version, though it's much more durable.

In my experience of creating these, I've realized I don't need to make them so thick like the original to get the same results.

Then I had a EUREKA moment...

Round monoprinting plates are the lastest craze and it dawned on me that I also have loads of round shapes lying around, too! A whole pile of them!!! Several of my mold rubber molds sitting in pretty little stacks like crafty pancakes.

One side I can use the shapes/voids of the mold as a mark maker and the other side is completely flat and perfect for a round monoprinting plate.

First I applied some colors to one of my rectangular plates with a brayer, then pressed my nut and bolt mold into the paint – this leaves a beautiful circle with hexagons in the negative space. Then I can stamp off the color from the MOLD onto another print or blank paper. Gorgeous!!!


Monoprinting is all about layering. This is the results after a few layers and combinations of removal and stamping back. This is so FUN and a great beginning to a brand new base for arting.


Some basic monoprinting with a brayered layer of the Mermaid Lagoon Ranger Distress Paint. The fluidity of the paint makes some nice texture as it beads up on the surface. If I want to add patterns into the paint – I let the Distress Paint set for a couple minutes to thicken up as the moisture evaporates. Look at the amazing pattern from the bolt mold voids!


How about pulling designs on the round base using a texture tool... also AMAZING!

What items would you use to create
pattern and texture on a slab

Please leave a comment below to share your ideas -or- please, ask us questions! If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here -or- check out more videos on my YouTube channel here. ~ Susan

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative Wednesday!

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