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A Place for Everything! AMAZING Fusion and Spring #Cre8time Cleaning... by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Greetings Amazing Crafters and Happy Earth Day! I try to THINK GREEN as much as possible everyday from using green bags, refillable water bottles and recycling... even when working on craft projects. Today I'm sharing a project that gets this "LAZY SUSAN" {meaning me} creatively organized by giving a proper home to some of my crafty stash! I'm combining some Cre8time recycling with Amazing Casting Products in combination with Deflecto Carousel Rotating Organizer.

I have been keeping my eyes on a variety of desktop stackable tray spinners and have never really jumped for one because they don't really fit my workspace or work/organizational style. I don't want everything out and within sight or reach... but I DO want everything to have a proper home. 

I'm using this Carousel Rotating Organizer by Deflecto Craft to store my hoards of baggies and envelopes of ribbons and trims that are loose offcuts. This unique storage unit has three 6" tall and six 3" tall wedge shaped canisters with snap tight lids that nestle in a rotating base {aka LAZY SUSAN and totally ME}. This is great for me and and with a few of my own crafty modifications... I've got it just right!


This will put a nice dent in this mess contained in an overflowing box of ribbons and fibers and who know's what... it's making my head spin. I have a drawer dedicated to ribbon on spools all organized, but this box is the stuff I access all the time. It is taking up way too much precious table space!

I have wound up a loads of ribbons/fibers on some handmade cards that are now separated by color in the 9 bins on the carousel. CLICK HERE for more details on my Cre8time DIY ribbon organization.

Baby steps... leads to PROGRESS!

There is a method to my madness and I can make this even better!

I have rescued this deli tray on numerous occasions from the recycling bin with plans for some kind of crafty project and it has finally presented itself.

I've modified my Carousel Rotating Organizer to have a top catch tray through some real clever recycling – combining a heavy duty cardboard tube, some bottle caps and the recycled serving deli tray. All I need is a little black ink, some Amazing Casting Resin and E6000® adhesive. 

I rummaged around my stash to locate a cardboard tube from some decorative paper and cut a section to size. This is a really sturdy cardboard similar to a packing tape spool. Next, I rummaged through my recycling bin for some caps to close off and strengthen the ends so that I can raise and mount the tray to the spinner.

I quickly stained the tube black to match the spinner using a makeup sponge and Jacquard Mantilla Black Pinata Ink. I could have certainly skipped this step, but I think I would have found myself going back to paint it later.

I need to give my tube some endcaps so I can mount the recycled tray to the carousel. I did this by mixing up two small batches of Amazing Casting Resin {one at a time for each end} and partially filling the cap, then submerging the end of the tube into the liquid resin. I held it in place for a few minutes keeping it level until the resin cured {Amazing Casting Resin sets up in about 5 minutes and cures to an opaque white}. 

With the tube in place, I'll have about a 2" gap from the top of the canisters to the floating tray - giving me easy access to my ribbon.


Now with my tube capped, I am ready to glue it in place with some E6000®. I put the black end up because it's prettier that way and glued it to the center of the dish.

I kept an eye on this for a bit until the glue tacked up to make sure it stayed level and in the center. This is going to be so great! I might go back and drill a hole to add a screw for added stability - but this seems to be working nicely for now.

After drying for a couple hours the suspense was killing me - so I flipped it over and gently dropped it into place in the center of the canisters... a perfect fit! Now to fill up with all the Cre8time junk residing on my worktable.


With the addition of the tray to the top... I am doubling my use and maximizing the vertical space! All the resin castings and miscellaneous bits on my table have a home – in my DIY levitating crafty flying saucer. The tube ends are secure and reinforced through my AMAZING resin fusion – united and solid plastic at each end. 

How do you organize your crafty stash?

Please leave a comment below to share your ideas -or- please, ask us questions! If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here -or- check out more videos on my YouTube channel here. ~ Susan

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!

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