Monday, April 6

The AMAZING Case of a Glowing Bangle...
by Brenda Burfeind

Welcome to Mold Rubber Monday with me, Brenda from Creativity is a State of Mind. I'm so excited to show you today's project! Now you've probably seen some variations of bangles the different designers have made. Just type bangle or bracelet in the search bar on the top of the page and you can look back on ALL the awesome projects the designers have made. Well, today I am showing off my special bangle.

I started out with an ordinary plastic bangle and molded it using Amazing Mold Rubber. You can go HERE and watch a video on mixing and preparation. Depending on the climate/humidity where you live the set up process may vary. It's super cold in my craft room and with this mold rubber project it only took about 4 hours to set up.

After I demolded the silver bangle, I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast Resin because I will be embedding some fun stuff in the bangle. You can go HERE and see the mixing process for the resin. I did not let my resin sit long enough for all the bubbles to dissipate. I wanted a bubbly effect. If you want your bracelet to be TOTALLY clear, let your resin sit for a while and then you can even use a heat gun to POP the bubbles.

Only filling the mold half full with the Amazing Clear Cast Resin, I let that set up for about an hour. Since I will be embedding some things into the bangle I do not want them to sink or float. By letting the resin set up for a bit it allows you to place beads or rhinestones (in my case, both) nicely into your bangle.

After I placed the Airsoft bbs (these are round bbs for an airsoft gun – you will see why I used these later in the tutorial) and rhinestones into the mold I added some more Amazing Clear Cast Resin and filled it to the top. I let this cure for 12 hours.

Once it was totally cured I demolded the bangle and it looked like this.

You can see the tiny bubbles which just gives it a different effect.

Then I sanded the bottom edge of the bangle with some ordinary sand paper and applied another coat of Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

The rhinestones did shift a bit, but I'm okay with that. I do totally love this look.

Here is the picture of the bracelet with the bbs I used.. But wait ... remember I told you I used Airsoft bbs and you probably asked yourself, WHY? Well these are special bbs and now for the reveal!

They GLOW IN THE DARK! I know – I'm obsessed with glow in the dark things. I couldn't get enough light to photograph just the bangle with the bbs, but you can see here that they glow! 

Next time I think I'll add more bbs and not any rhinestones!

I hope you've enjoyed my tutorial using Amazing Mold Rubber! Please leave me a comment and tell me what you would embed in your special bangle!

Until next time, Brenda signing off!

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