Wednesday, April 8

From Functional to FABULOUS! Upscale a Dollar Store Compact by Tanya Ruffin

Resin Embellished Compact

I started off with a Dollar Tree compact, it actually came with a large hand mirror, so it was cheaper than a dollar!

This is a fairly quick and cheap way to jazz up a compact. I plan on doing a similar effect with the large mirror and this was my successful test!

Open the mirror up and lay it flat (mirror side down) on a non stick surface. Pour some Amazing Clear Cast Resin on the surface making sure that it doesn't drip off the edge. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

Gather your powders. I chose several colors of Alumidust.

Sprinkle several colors of Alumidust. I placed a small amount on the end of a craft stick and tapped the stick till the powder lightly fell onto the surface.

Using a stick ( I had a chop stick), I swirled
the powders to make a faux marbled look. 

Let cure. Keep checking to make sure the resin doesn't drip
into the hinge. If it does, you can clean up with a craft knife.

I embellished with a cameo and some stringed beads adhered using E6000. I dripped a little Amazing Clear Cast Resin to further secure the beads and to finish the look. This will keep the beads from getting knocked off inside a purse!

To see the steps in making the Egret Cameo > click here.

How would you customize your
pocket mirror into ART?

Craft Your Own Way! ~ Tanya

Tanya Ruffin with Create Studios

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